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Congratulations - You've installed Commerce.cgi 2.01!

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E-Commerce | Web Design | PERL/CGI | Affiliate Programs


The page you are currently viewing is called frontpage.html and resides in the /cgi-bin/store//html directory. You should ONLY be viewing this page by accessing the complete URL to commerce.cgi (something like, NOT by linking directly to frontpage.html!!! By default, commerce.cgi loads frontpage.html as the homepage - the page needs to be parsed out through the script.

Open up frontpage.html in a text editor and view the source code (Don't just view the source code through the web browser or what I'm saying won't make sense). Notice the code for the category links above. For example, commerce.cgi?product=java&cart_id=%%cart_id%% displays all of the products from the database that are in the java category. The cart id=%%cart_id%% tells the script to add in the numeric cart id when the page is parsed through the script. In other words, the cart id IS NOT hardcoded into the source code of the page, but is added dynamically to the page when it is displayed. This makes the script more accessible to users that do not accept cookies.

Please note: this page (frontpage.html) is just a static html page that is processed through the script. When you create new categories of products, you'll need to manually add links to those categories on this page. Category links do not get added to this page automatically (I get asked that question *a lot*).

Store Manager

Store Manager can be accessed here. Please note, when accessing Store Manager, you need to use this syntax

If you leave off the ?welcome_screen=yes, you will see a blank page!

Bookmark your Store Manager link, and make sure to remove the link displayed above when you re-design this page.

IMPORTANT - Please Note:

Commerce.cgi is based on Selena Sol's 'Web Store' program, available at

This is Commerce.cgi 2.01 Beta 1 and is distributed according to the GNU General Public License Version 2. Basically, you use this software at your own risk. It is offered without support or warranty of any kind. Click here to view the license.

Commerce.cgi is open source freeware and is distributed without free support. Be sure to study the Installation Instructions closely. Carey Internet Services also maintains a Mailing List and Support Forum and we suggest you visit these resources. We also offer paid installation and support, please click here for details.

We really wish we had time to personally answer all questions about Commerce.cgi for free, but unfortunately that's not possible at this time. We rely heavily on the Commerce.cgi community to support itself. If you find this product useful to you, we hope that you can offer a few minutes to help someone else on the Mailing List or Support Forum. Thanks!