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What's Hidden In Your Closet?
By Richard Male

Where do you keep your collection? Do you have it proudly displayed in your home for all your friend to see, or is it sitting in that trunk in the back of your closet just waiting for your great grandchildren to stumble across it years after you've died?

If you're like me and most other collectors, it's probably in the trunk, right? Well, what better time than now to go pull that trunk out of the closet and see what's been hidden away all this time. Better wear something over your face, there's bound to be plenty of dust.

Hidden Treasure

You find that old glove signed by Babe Ruth yet? Why hide something like that when you could show it off to your friends instead of just telling them about it? You will most likely find all sorts of things you forgot you even owned. That old rookie card that wasn't worth a dime 20 years ago, you know the one, might be worth a small fortune today. You never know untill you look.

What To Do With It All

Now that you've sorted through your stuff, what do you do with it all? It's time to decide what you have to keep and what you can get rid of. That's right, get rid of the stuff you couldn't care less about. After all, it's been sitting in your closet gathering dust all these years without you giving it a second thought. Why not make some extra cash and maybe make someone else happy in the process?

Gift Ideas

Now where to send your unwanted stuff. First take a look to see if there is anything that a friend or a family member would like. That Walter Payton rookie card would be just the perfect gift to your brother who love the Bears. Giving away to friends and family will not only make them happy, but you will save a lot of time and money Christmas shopping this year.

Make Some Extra Cash

The rest of the stuff you don't want you can sell. The first place you'll probably go is your favorite online auction site such as Don't forget to try selling some stuff in a garage sale. After all, you might be happier parting with your collection if it's your neighbors that take it away. This may also be a good time to clear out the junk in your garage, but that another problem all together.

Show It Off

Now, what to do with that Babe Ruth glove? You don't want to throw it back in that trunk to sit out the rest of your life. What would be the sense in keeping it then? Get a case to store it in and put it up on a shelf for anyone to see. Maybe put a few other collectible around it like an autographed ball or picture. Just don't hide it if it's something that you like. Proudly display it for the world to see.

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